About us  

We are a creative studio, as simple as that, in the most straight forward and broad sense of the word. We are architects, designers, illustrators and musicians, painters, 3d artists and directors. We're problem solvers and free thinkers because first and foremost, we're creative individuals.


What we do:

Buzilan Studio was founded with the belief that creativity should never be bound to a single field of expression. The success of any kind of project is based on a strong concept, clear vision and the passionate dedication needed to see it through. We have always felt that we can use our skills, talent and vision in a wide array of projects and, since 2011 when we founded the studio, we have been constantly finding new ways to prove it, so far through architectural visualizations, product design, graphic design, motion graphics, commercials, music videos, paintings, illustrations and live concert visuals.



Creative Philosophy:

Our creative philosophy is based on the principle that an empty shape, no matter how attractive, can’t make a lasting impression without a solid concept intimately bound to its creation. We’ve always made a statement beyond the first appearance, and built our work on original and sustainable ideas, that justify themselves to criticism.


We’ve embraced almost any kind of project that crossed our path, no matter the field. We've made still images, videos, animations, creative concepts, live footage and live performances and if we’ve had a good idea but no client for it, we did an in-house project just to see it done.



Have an idea or project? Give us a call or drop us a line!